Lets get started!

1. Free Quote

consultationGet a free quote and find out how generating your own solar power can lower your utility bills and increase property value. SavOn Solar has personalized payment options that allow you to get started with little to no money down. A Solar Advisor will be happy to help you get started. Just call (562) 706-7394 to Go Solar.



2. System Design

2Every home is different, so we custom design a solar energy system, specifically, to meet your needs. Our solar technicians take care of city permits, blueprints, and inspections. We also keep you informed and up to date throughout the entire process.



3. Installation

1Our team is highly trained and has successfully worked through extensive solar projects. They get your home solar system installed as safely and efficiently as possible.




4. System Activation

3You are now generating clean solar energy for your home, thus, reducing your carbon footprint and global warming impact. Any extra energy your home solar system produces is fed into an electrical grid. California utility companies, such as Edison, will credit you for any solar power you feed back into the grid. This means, the electric company will take leftover energy your system produces and compensate you for it. Depending on how much energy you produce, you have the potential to get money back.


5. Realtime Monitoring

6We use our real-time solar energy monitoring program to track your energy output (DC) and make sure your solar system always runs perfectly, guaranteed.




6. Save Money

4We take care of your home solar energy system from beginning to end. All you have to do is Turn on the Sun. Save Money, Save the environment and SavOn Solar.