What does a residential solar system cost?

Control your energy costs for years to come. Utility Rates continue to rise unpredictably, but with our options on solar loans and leases it allows you to lock in low, fixed monthly rates no matter how much standard electricity rates go up. Unlike solar system cost 10 years ago, its now little or no money down to go solar.

The Perks of Ownership:

HERO Program – (local government financing)

  • No Credit Score Required
  • Make Payments on Property Taxes
  • Lower your utility bill and increase home value 
  • When you Sell your home the remaining balance transfers to buyer
  • Tax Deductible and approvals are instant
  • 30% or more credit on your tax return
  • no prepayment penalty

Bank Loans

“0” Down Solar Lease

Instead of paying thousands to buy a solar power system, homeowners can lease a system for $0 down and pay as they go. In other words, we can put solar panels on your home at no cost. You simply pay for the power they produce every month at a lower rate than you pay now. The benefits of residential solar leasing are huge.

  • No upfront cost- no money down necessary to start.

  • Lower monthly energy bills–A lower energy rate and no upfront cost means you start saving immediately.

  • Locked-in low rates–Utility costs tend to rise every year, but we let you lock in low, predictable solar energy rates for years.

  • 20-year protection plan–We take care of all system repairs and insurance at no added cost.



A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract to buy solar power based on a set rate that is usually less than the market rate from your utility company. Because your solar electric rate is locked in, you can also protect yourself from the volatility of future utility rate increases.

As a SolarPPA customer, you only pay for the solar power produced, not the solar installation equipment. The leasing company maintains and repairs the solar system at no added cost.

Since we have plenty of options, there’s no need to worry about the residential solar system cost or any of the operations. We take care of every single detail, from site survey, permitting to installation, our team of solar pro’s will be with you till the end. All you have to do is flip the “ON” switch when its time to SavOn Solar.