Why Choose SavOn Solar to Install Your PV System?

Congratulations!  If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken an important first step towards lower electricity bills and true energy independence.  And as you continue learning about the financial and environmental benefits of going solar, the decision will only get easier.
The next step involves choosing which solar contractor to use for your installation.  If you live in Southern California, there’s no shortage of options.  The Los Angeles area is one of the most active solar markets on the planet.  It truly is a buyer’s market.

So why choose SavOn Solar for your installation?

The SavOn Solar Advantage

The most important benefit of contracting our services is that you save more money than you ever thought imaginable.  In fact, the very word “save” is part of our brand.  Our commitment is so strong that we won’t accept any project unless we can guarantee measurable results. But the benefits of our solar installation services don’t stop there:

1.  All-In-One Solar Service Provider

SavOnSolar Logo -O At SavOn Solar, we handle the entire PV installation process from the moment you contact us for a free consultation until the moment your system goes online.  This hand-holding doesn’t only apply to the installation itself.  It also includes all paperwork, applications, and forms.  We make going solar easy.

 2.  Expert Custom Design 


To ensure that you enjoy the highest savings possible, we custom design each solar PV

installation from scratch.  Our professional engineers are expert at maximizing the solar

power potential of every property – whether you own a home or business.

3.  High Quality Parts

solar homeAt SavOn Solar, we only use best-in-class, high quality solar components that have

undergone rigorous laboratory testing.  And because we partner with reputable, large-

volume suppliers, we’re able to pass on huge savings to you – the customer.

 4.  Certified Solar Installation

1To qualify for many of the great solar power incentives out there, your system must be installed by certified professionals who are licensed to operate within Southern California.

Our NABCEP-certified team will install your panels according to all relevant building codes and inspection requirements.

5.  Solar Installation Financing

  0_downWe offer several different solar financing options – no matter what your budget is.  In fact, it’s

possible to receive a brand new solar PV system with $0 down.To learn more about the different

SavOn Solar financing options, click here.


6.  Hassle-Free Processing 

consultationSit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting.  From inspections to permits, we take care of all the necessary paperwork.

The only thing required of you is patience – and a genuine desire to embrace a sun-powered lifestyle.


7.  Performance Guarantee

25 year warranty seal

All SavOn Solar installations come with a performance guarantee and 25-year warranty on

panels.  If your panels don’t deliver the energy output we promise (for as long as

promised), we’ll cover any losses and get your system back up and running.  We stand by

our workmanship 100%.


8.  Ongoing System Monitoring

6Our performance monitoring tools completely remove the guesswork from your solar investment:

Want to know how much energy your panels are producing in real-time?

Curious about your day-to-day electricity bill savings?

With our tools, you can track these important metrics entirely from the comfort of home.


Ready to Go Solar?  Schedule Your Free Appointment Today

A smaller carbon footprint.  Lower monthly bills.  True energy independence.
These great benefits await you no matter who you hire to install your solar panels.  But if you use our expert services, those benefits only increase.  This is true whether you:
Use cash or loans to finance your installation.  Enjoy short payback periods and high ROIs when you contract our services.
Use a SavOn Solar Lease to finance your system.  Pay $0 upfront and receive a brand new installation for free.
You’re just 1 mouse-click away from harnessing clean sunshine to power your home or business.  Schedule your free appointment today and take control of your energy future.

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